Shimmer: Vape Pen (1g)


One pen contains 1000mg of THC per tank, and there are plenty of flavor varieties to choose from


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Shimmer Vape Pens 1000mg are smoking devices that let you vaporize the THC extracts and smoke cannabis in an enjoyable and tidy way. They can be reused, which means you just need to refill them with more distillate. You can buy more of it from us and just keep on vaping.

These vape pens come in over 30 varieties that correspond to flavors, as well as classic cannabis strains, so you can tweak your experience exactly to your personal preference.

Strains available:

Cola – Hybrid
Jack Herer – Sativa
Gelato – Hybrid
Granddaddy Purple – Indica
Gorilla Glue #4 – Hybrid
Pineapple – Hybrid
Tahoe Og – Hybrid
Tangie – Sativa
Watermelon – Indica


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