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Where To Get The Best Pre Rolls in Canada

Only the best buds used in the making of pre-rolled joints. Order online and get it delivered today.

Want to know what the best pre-rolls to get your hands on this year are?

Not long ago was the cannabis community residing within Canada blessed with the legality of all the various uses of marijuana, from recreational to medical and all that is in between. The legalization of recreational cannabis use in Canada, back in October of 2018, has made headlines and strides to help the cannabis community with the organization of cannabis in other parts of the world. Cannabis users worldwide are pretty adamant that cannabis use should not be considered a criminal offence. In fact, before it’s legalization in 2018, people in Canada supported the stance back in 1997. For Canadians, cannabis being illegal didn’t do much to stop cannabis consumers from consuming it before it was legalized.

Rolling Joints Back in The Day

For the longest time, people have been intrinsically drawn towards everything related to cannabis, with each group of stoner friends having that one person who would hand roll all the joints for the whole group to enjoy later. Sometimes group members would even take turns hand-rolling their group’s joints depending upon the day, allowing everyone to share the burden of making the hand-rolled joints.

The Invention of Pre Rolls

Luckily for all the people who were designated to be the joint rollers in their group, the legalization of marijuana and hemp has brought about new and innovative ideas to make the lives of cannabis users more straightforward, as well as more enjoyable by taking out all of the hard labour. One of the innovations that came about was that of pre-rolled joints. Pre-roll joints took all the hassle of rolling a joint manually with your hands and instead, have the user skip right to enjoying the strain of marijuana they wish to smoke, packed in a nice tightly wrapped joint.

What Exactly are Pre Roll Joints?

In layman’s terms, pre-rolls are joints or cones that have been pre-rolled by the cannabis companies or dispensaries like Skunks Oasis vending them. The cannabis strain, which will be used to make the joint or cone, is ground up and then rolled into a hemp wrapper, similar to a cigarette, with a filter placed tightly at the joint’s tip. .

A pre-roll is pretty much the same as a joint in every way, except that it is higher quality and will have the effects of the strain lasting longer due to the joint being rolled up by a professional. For the users of pre-rolls, all that is left for them to do is enjoy the strain to its fullest without worrying about needing to roll up their next joint.

Different Sizes of Pre Rolls

Pre-rolls can come in a single rolled joint or packs of 2 or more joints. The size of a pre-rolled joint also varies between all the different pre-roll brands. Skunks Oasis sells their pre-rolls in sizes as small as a person’s pinky finger, with the smallest being a half-gram pre-roll which can be finished off in a few puffs. However, they also have products in a much larger size and are often more stronger and contain AAAA bud, not filler. These are more than likely cones that are much bigger than what you would get when rolling a joint yourself.

As you might have guessed by now, all websites that sell pre-rolls do so in a large variety of flavours and strains. All the different strains come about due to the specific cannabis flower used to make the strain. An Indica cannabis flower could create an Indica dominant strain which would have other effects from a Sativa dominant strain made from a Sativa cannabis flower.

The young woman smoke cannabis blunt, close-up. Cannabis is a concept of herbal alternative medicine.

The Benefits of Getting Pre Rolled Joints

A pre-rolled cone is a fantastic option for any cannabis connoisseur looking to enjoy the flavours of a cannabis cone without going through the trouble of rolling it or through the more laborious process of grinding the marijuana strain before it can be rolled up. We’ve already mentioned how these pre-rolled cones are easy and convenient for cannabis users and touched upon how they come in various strains and flavours for consumers to choose from. However, there are a few things that we haven’t mentioned yet, which would provide cannabis connoisseurs all the more reason to go online to and pick up a pre-roll joint rather than go about making one themselves.

Storing Pre Rolled Joints

Cannabis and hemp are organic herbs. All of their constituent products have a shelf life before they go bad, where the older the weed product, the more it degrades in terms of its potency and flavour due to a decrease in its terpene and cannabinoid content.

However, despite this shelf life and degradation in quality over time, if you were to get your pre-rolls made from high-grade nugs, and not trim left over from cutting, you won’t have to worry about your pre-rolls lifespan. Due to clever packaging techniques, Skunks Oasis can extend the lifespan of their pre-rolled products and thus, help them last longer than what you would get from rolling one on your own. Many have found that getting pre rolls from a government store, even though packaged properly, have been sitting there for months on end!

Pre Rolled Cones are Diverse and Fit the Needs of All Users

As we have previously mentioned, pre-rolled cones can come in many different shapes, sizes, and strains. However, we haven’t touched on the fact that they are friendly to all the other cannabis consumers, regardless of their experience with cannabis or pre-rolled products.

A new user of cannabis could go for the obvious option of sticking to a small-sized pre-roll, but it wouldn’t do them any harm if they were to go for a size that could be considered more regular for joints. They can even go for more beginner-friendly strains instead of having to resort to the ones that contain more potent concentrates.

You Get More Than What You Pay For

In the old days, people who sold pre-rolls would often include some of the hemp plant’s dry parts in their ground-up hemp to maximize profits and save costs.

However, with the legalization of cannabis and hemp continuing its spread across the entire world, the market has seen a lot of competition as of late. The rise in competition within the cannabis market has resulted in the grey market putting out higher quality products. Some of the top brands even suffer losses to undercut their competition. As a result, if you did some digging around on the internet, you could find some of the best bang for your buck pre-rolls which are of high quality and cost close to nothing. Luckily for you, as previously mentioned, we have taken care of this process, and you will find the best place to get your cannabis products at Skunks Oasis.

This, among great customer service, is why people have been flocking to them and getting all of their cannabis needs fulfilled, rather than going to an overpriced government store and getting mediocre product.

Do You Want to Know Where to Get the Best Pre Rolled Joints in All of Canada?

If you would love to enjoy a high-quality pre-roll made from the best AAAA THC that you can get your hands on, then head over to Skunks Oasis right now.

At Skunks Oasis you can be assured to get the best quality, AAAA pre-rolls, as all of their cannabis products are made from the finest buds available. To further ensure the quality of their products, they send a whole batch of each of their products for independent lab testing to ensure they don’t lack in quality. Once they have satisfied themselves with the quality of their products, they send it for further third-party lab testing to prove to their customer that they are receiving nothing but the best cannabis products.

Skunks Oasis is also leading the cannabis industry in terms of experience. Each team member has been tasked with forever expanding their knowledge of cannabis and all of its products. This experience, along with ease of ordering, and same day delivery, has proven that Skunks Oasis and is a place where you can feel comfortable that the staff can answer any questions you may have as a first timer. The team’s expansive knowledge of cannabis, along with its professional and friendly manners, makes the Skunks team unmatched in the cannabis industry!

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