White Rhino Moon Rocks | 1g


The White Rhino cannabis strain is a multi-award winning Indica dominant hybrid of White Widow and an anonymous strain from North America. This cannabis strain is aptly named, as it tends to grow heavy yields of tightly wound buds and short, fat and thick branches, with the top part of the plant resembling a Rhino’s horn. This horny plant is best used at night, as it mischievously takes its full effect by first creating a cerebral euphoric high before administering a body numbing effect to eliminate any signs of pain. White Rhino cannabis is the fat unicorn of your dreams!

Best Use
White Rhino Moon Rocks creates a Sativa feeling buzz with cerebral effects that create a wave of euphoria and energy. If taken in higher doses, this cannabis extract will feel like a stampede of rhinos have hit you with the effects of heavy couch-lock and a potent cerebral high that will leave you dazed and confused. White Rhino Moon Rocks are best used during the night, as its intoxicating effects can quickly turn to sedation. This cannabis extract is perfect for days when you’ve had a lot to deal with mentally and physically, and are looking for a quick solution to unwind and forget all your problems. Supposedly also known as “medicine man”, these White Rhino Moon Rocks are very effective for easing aches and pains.

White Rhino Moon Rocks will pierce your nostrils with a pungent scent of freshly picked sour berries with a hint of hash and pine. On inhale, this cannabis extract has floral and berry notes with a slight tanginess. On exhale, White Rhino Moon Rocks has a woody and earthy finish, with a slight hash taste that is felt on the tip of your tongue.

White Rhino Moon Rocks are a high strength marijuana extract. We recommend those new to cannabis to start slow and increase dosage accordingly.

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Distillate and kief coated buds ready to rock in any bubbler or bong

Indica Dominant Hybrid | 1g | Premium Moon Rocks



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