WCB: Flavoured Delta-8 Distillate (1ml)

1ml Delta-8 Flavoured Syringe

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Delta 8 Flavoured Distillates Syringes (90%+ THC) By reinfusing distillates with terpenes, we can not only improve the product’s flavor, but can customize the exact type of high the distillate produces, as well. This makes it easier for you to choose your experiences carefully based on your medical needs and personal preferences. Each batch is lab tested with results of over 90% THC content! This product is great for dabing, vaping, baking and ingestion. Select from our wide range of tasty flavors We also have delta 8 distillate syringes if you prefer the natural taste.

Usage Tip
Consider blow-drying 90%+ THC syringes before extraction to avoid complications.


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