WCB: Death Bubba (AA)

Indica Dominant Hybrid


THC 25%

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A hybrid strain, Death Bubba is a cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush. It is Indica- dominant that delivers highly potent, almost semi-sedating effects. It has a high THC content that reaches up to 27%. The plant has beautiful purple hues and abounds in trichomes and terpenes. Nugs of this strain are covered with dark olive green leaves that are almost furry and with a layer of sandy white trichomes. It has a sweet, earthy taste and a stinky and skunky aroma. Immediately upon smoking Death Bubba, you can immediately experience its effect – a wave of rushing focused energy making you uplifted and motivated. This is mainly due to its high THC content. The experience is followed by a state of deep relaxation and introspection with the feeling of being socially distant. After the high, you go into a deep, undisturbed sleep for hours. Medical marijuana users love Death Bubba to relieve their physical discomfort from chronic pain. The weed strain is also popular in curing nausea, lack of appetite, stress, and anxiety. Experience the best effects that Indica and Sativa have to offer with Death Bubba from our high-quality selection, AAA or AA grade.

The Death Bubba Strain is a hybrid strain. It’s Indica-dominant and delivers highly potent effects with almost semi-sedating qualities, making it perfect for those who need some relief but don’t want the side effects of opiates. The high THC content reaches 27%. This plant has beautiful purple hues and dark olive green leaves covered in trichomes – also known as resin glands which give this plant its sweet earthy flavor you can expect from floral scents combined with a skunky aroma when smoking! This scent gives off both sweet earthiness and a skunky aroma (depending upon how much time you spend near this particular pot). You can immediately experience the rush of focused energy from Death Bubba Strain as soon as it hits your mouth. It’s mainly due to its high THC content, giving you an uplifted and motivated state that will make any task seem more attractive than before! But this isn’t just a “high.” There are many moods experienced after smoking, such as relaxation or introspection, with feelings like being socially distant but deep down inside still craving company (ask anyone who has smoked). You then go into undisturbed sleep for hours upon ending up feeling rejuvenated in every way possible: physically and mentally stimulated without even realizing how tired they were beforehand. The strain’s medical benefits are due to its THC content. It produces feelings associated with pain relief in many patients who use it as their go-to medicine for chronic discomfort or other ailments, including lack appetite loss, stress, anxiety, nausea, panic attacks, depression, etc. The effect is followed by deep relaxation where one feels socially distant but safe enough not to feel like they need anything at all right now – except perhaps more joints 😉 Users report feelings of deep relaxation and introspection with social distance after smoking to relieve chronic pain or nausea from other medical conditions such as cancer treatment side effects in chemotherapy patients.


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