Stoneman Premium Shatter

$45.00 $35.00


People who desire privacy and discretion when purchasing premium high-quality concentrate products in a fast and efficient manner come to Stoneman Concentrates.  We offer a guaranteed and reliable buying experience of premium quality concentrate products for our members.

Our Production Specialists carefully hand pick every ingredient, oversee all steps in the production process, and test each batch for quality control, ensuring the premium quality of all Stoneman Concentrate products.



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Flavour and Genetics

Black Lime Special Reserve Indica, Snoopdog OG Indica, Strawberry Shortcake Indica, Blue Dream Hybrid, Sour Kush Hybrid, SFV OG Hybrid, Tahoe OG Hybrid, Pineapple Express Hybrid, White Widow Hybrid, Banana Kush Hybrid, Sundae Driver Hybrid, Super Glue Hybrid, Super Soul Diesel Sativa, Super Lemon Haze Sativa, Tropicana Cookies Sativa, Wifi OG Sativa, Tangie Sativa, Ghost OG Hybrid