Space Craft – Sauce – Exotic OG – 1g


Exotic OG Sauce is a deliciously pure extract that has been crafted to perfection! Exotic OG Sauce is a spectacular extract filled with an abundance of terpenes and all the natural components of the original plant. The goal of this extract is to produce an accurate representation of the marijuana plant in a delectable extract form. The best way to use this product is by dabbing. The average THC content of Exotic OG Sauce is around 35-45% and is balanced out with an average 10-30% terpene content to ultimately create a potent product that is super powerful and flavourful!

Best use
Exotic OG Sauce is an Indica dominant extract, making it a great option for evening and nighttime use. Upon first inhalation, users will feel happy, euphoric, and a tad light-headed. A soft yet prominent pressure will be felt around the temples, and the eyes may begin to glaze slightly. A few more tokes, a wave of relaxation will roll over your body, and a few more after that will leave you super sleepy and ready for a peaceful rest! Exotic OG Sauce maintains the ability to make users a bit sedated, so we recommend smoking this awesome sauce at night. The high produced will be felt in both the body and mind. Users may find their limbs become limp, loose, and heavy.

Exotic OG Sauce is an interesting strain when it comes to both smell and taste. Upon opening the jar of Exotic OG Sauce a delectable tropical and citrus fragrance will arise. The taste of Exotic OG Sauce is very similar to its scent; tropical fruit flavours are mixed with lemon and orange notes to create a taste similar to a fruit salad. Sweet and sugary undertones are also apparent. We recommend pairing Exotic OG Sauce with a handful of nuts. The nutty taste will cut down the sweetness just a bit, and replace it with a more complex, exciting, and full flavour.

Exotic OG Sauce is a very high strength, Indica dominant, cannabis product. We recommend starting slow and increasing dosage accordingly.

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