Space Craft – Sauce – Double Bubble – 1g




Double Bubble is an indica-dominant hybrid. Smoking it gives you a very strong body high and the initial effect can be euphoria but winds down to a lazy state that can quickly turn into full-on couch lock.

Double Bubble is fruity, sugary and sweet. Its strong candy taste doubled with its powerful effect make it a favorite for medical use.  It also gives off a wonderful bubblegum-y scent that’ll take you right back to the candy shop!

High strength. The Double Bubble high hits you pretty quickly after you toke, with a lifted happy state that pulls your mind and body into hazy thought and introspection.

Best Use 

Double Bubble is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, arthritis, muscle spasms and tremors. Its a strain that’s best used in the evening/nighttime, especially if you need help getting some good Zzzs!


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Double bubble has a super sugary fruity taste that dances across your tongue with each delicious exhale. It has a nice aroma, with a classic bubblegum scent accented by fruity earth and citrus.