Space Craft – Live Resin – Marsh 65 – 1g


Strain Information
Marsh 65 is a delicious Sativa dominant strain that offers a wonderfully versatile high that offers both relaxation and euphoria to those who are lucky enough to enjoy it.

Best Use
Ideal for daytime and early evening, the Marsh 65 Live Resin is a wonderful extract that provides a productive, motivational high. Energizing and stimulating, Marsh 65 Live Resin is perfect to crack open when your buddies are over, ensuring a wonderful social experience for all involved. Starting in the head, the high causes pressure around the temples and soaring euphoria before it, very slowly, travels through the body. Motivational and productive, you will feel some get-up-and-go, before it settles in the limbs, drawing back to earth to chill into some comfy furniture. Useful in combatting stress, anxiety, depression, headaches and irritability, Marsh 65 Live Resin is the perfect extract for the weekend.

Citrusy and sweet, Marsh 65 Live Resin is deliciously fragrant and flavourful. Sumptuous, this live resin is packed with lemony and orangey perfumes in addition to a pineapple and mango punch. A mouth-watering extract, Marsh 65 Live Resin is fresh and zesty, and absolutely loaded with terpenes.

Marsh 65 THC-A Live Resin is locked and loaded with high calibre knock out power, novice smokers should proceed with caution.

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