Space Craft – Live Resin – Dutch Treat – 1g


Derived from the Indica Dominant Hybrid, the Dutch Treat Live Resin offers users both physical and cognitive effects, hitting quickly with a head rush, leaving users feeling uplifted, sociable and talkative. Great for a night in with your buddies or SO or thoughtful introspection, Dutch Treat Live Resin’s high is not to be missed. The flower itself has reported THC levels as varied as 15-30% and is even stronger in extract form. Ideal for users suffering from stress, depression, pain, seizures and inflammation, the Dutch Treat Live Resin will lift the user up while also reducing their stress and relaxing their mind.

With no known lineage we can’t quite place where Dutch Treat Live Resin’s piney, spicy, herbal and sweet flavours and aromas come from. Minty and fruity with a little cedar and citrus throughout, Dutch Treat Live Resin’s flavour isn’t particularly strong but is by no means an unpleasant dab. Certainly, Dutch Treat Live Resin smells mouth-watering.

The Dutch Treat Live Resin by Space Craft is a high strength Indica product. We caution new users to start slow and increase dosage accordingly.

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