Space Craft – Live Resin – Citrus Skunk – 1g


Strain Information
This Sativa dominant hybrid is an award-winning descendant of two Skunk phenotypes selected for their tangy lemon traits. Citrus Skunk offers an uplifting yet lethargic high. This strain has an intense terpene profile with buds that are enveloped with trichomes and tightly wound crimson hairs. The smoke is very creamy and smooth with an enticing citrusy scent infused with a hint of skunkiness. This strain is apt for the daytime as it has an invigorating and energizing properties. This hybrid starts with a cerebrally focused high causing bursts of euphoria and a visually stimulating buzz that gradually creates a serene body high without causing sedation. From your initial toke, this strain will ease you into a blanket of bliss.

Best Use
Citrus Skunk Live Resin is known to cause an irrepressible giddiness that resides comfortably within the background. As visuals become compelling, this extract is ideal for a trip to the museum or a live show. This extract delivers a cerebral, peppy high that causes a boost of energy, creativity and euphoria, making this ideal for socializing, as well as adequate for a gentle walk on the beach. The flavour profile of Citrus Skunk Live Resin is heightened by sweet tea, making this the ideal extract for a wake-and-bake.

Citrus Skunk Live Resin smells like a freshly cut orange. With hints of lemon rind, flowers, and mossy dank, Citrus Skunk Live Resin will have you nostalgic for those lazy days spent in a slumber shrouded by lemon trees. On inhale, this extract is smooth with a mild mixture of tangy and sweet orange-like flavour. On exhale, the flavour gently moulds into a classic skunkiness that blends nicely with the citrus notes.

Citrus Skunk Live Resin is a high strength Sativa dominant product. We would advise that new users proceed with caution.

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