Space Craft – Cured Resin – Nuken – 1g


Nuken Resin is an extract derived from a popular Indica flower with a powerful punch! Nuken has been crafted from a combination of the Shishkaberry cannabis and God Bud marijuana strains. Strong, without knocking users senseless, Nuken Resin comes from a strain with a considerable THC level of roughly15-20%. The highs provided by Nuken Resin are joyful and relaxing for both the mind and body, making it a great option for a chillaxed experience!

Nuken cannabis is typically medium in size and is more voluminous and a tad fluffy. Each bud maintains an interesting and distinctive shape, making a unique strain to admire. This Nuken Resin was extracted from small to medium-sized buds that are dark green in colour. Amber and copper coloured hairs are tangled throughout each nug. Chunks of crystalline trichomes are also visible.

Best Use
Nuken Resin is a high strength Indica dominant extract, making it the ideal toking for evening and night. A potent Indica extract, Nuken Resin offers users euphoria and uplifts them, while also ushering them towards the cozy confines of their own bed. A tingly extract, users can expect to feel a cerebral rush of joy before becoming uplifted and relaxed. As the high moves into the limbs and body, unclenching every muscle and soothing every nerve, users can expect to feel tingles and joy before eventually ending up yawning on the couch. Prepare to get some minor munchies, so have some goodies on standby just in case. A choice extract for pain, stress, muscle spasms, fatigue, depression, Nuken Resin offers some potent relief but may leave users with some serious cottonmouth, so keep some water close at hand.

Nuken Resin is an earthy extract with sweet berry and honey overtones accented by cedar and pine. Pungent in the nose, Nuken Resin also offers some perfume and florals on the exhale. Nicely paired with a handful of nuts or a green tea, Nuken Resin is delicious!

Nuken Resin is a High Strength Indica Dominant Hybrid extract. We recommend new users proceed with caution.

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