Space Craft – Cured Resin – Key Lime Pie HTFSE – 1g


Key Lime Pie is an Indica Dominant Hybrid, exhibiting strong Indica effects and producing copious resin. With flavours of lime, mint, spice and candy and notes of earth and chocolate when burned, Key Lime Pie is a truly delicious smoking experience. With purple mottled through the bud, Key Lime Pie succeeds best in colder temperatures.

Best Use
Dabbing Key Lime Pie Cured Resin will initially leave users with a potent high, quickly tailed by a chill but lucid high which offers a degree of mental clarity. Couch-locked and a little sleepy, users will find themselves incredibly focused despite the deep, heavy body high, which may lead to introspection. A sense of calm and an overwhelming relief of all bodily tension is also expected from Key Lime Pie Cured Resin. Helpful to those suffering bipolar disorder, insomnia, PTSD and stress, this fast-acting extract hits users immediately and offers instant relief.

Fruity, sour and minty, Key Lime Pie Cured Resin offers an odd but enticing flavour and aroma profile. Candied and herbal, with grapey flavours throughout, Key Lime Pie Cured Resin is undercut with a hint of musk and spice, leading to a very well-rounded – if unusual – dabbing experience.

Key Lime Pie Cured Resin has a moderately high THC level, packing enough strength and balance to hold its own as a recreational as well as medicinal strain.

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