Space Craft – Bubble Hash – Sour Tahoe – 1g


Sour Tahoe is one mighty strong Hybrid and is perfect for anyone with a high tolerance who is stuck at home or simply seeking a blissful day of r&r.

Best Used When:

This strain is not only strong but it’s also fast-acting, making it ideal for anyone looking for immediate relief. It is very beneficial for people who may be suffering from insomnia, aches and pains or even a lack of appetite. This extract will deliver a knockout punch that Iron Mike himself would appreciate. It was created and manufactured in a very specific way to have all the properties required to give you a deep and rejuvenating sleep. Given its strong sedative qualities, Sour Tahoe is the perfect stay in strain for long lazy days or evenings with all the comforts of home.


This extract has a superb, ultra-light, blond sand colour, and an exemplary amount of rich limonene terpenes. It’s loaded with heaps of trichomes and little else. This extract has a sweet, astringent, pungent, flavour when smoked.


Sour Tahoe is a very potent hybrid. We recommend always starting slow to gauge tolerance and increasing dosage accordingly. Make sure your schedule is clear so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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