Skookum: Mint Chocolate Chip (14g)


THC: 24% | CBG: 1%
14 grams

Aroma: Diesel, Cream, Mint
Effects: Euphoric, Hazy, Body High

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Notoriously potent and insanely delicious, Mint Chocolate Chip is one of those can’t miss cultivars. A winning combination of SinMint Cookies x Green Ribbon BX, this gassed-up gelato hits right between the eyes like a belligerent brain freeze.

Another banger from the Cool Hand Cropper aka Bone Crusher, this fiercely frosted strain was grown in living soil under broad-spectrum LEDs. Featuring beautiful shades of forest green punctuated with purple and orange, Mint Chocolate Chip’s thick, chunky buds are a sight to behold. Slightly tacky to the touch and cured to perfection in very low temps for two weeks.

Crack open a can of this and you’re immediately confronted with a robust aroma of sweet diesel, cream, and spice with a hint of menthol truly worthy of the mint moniker. Whether you’re smoking joints or sipping vapour, expect huge amounts of fuel-forward flavour right down to the last puff. Burns to the cleanest of white ash.

Mint Chocolate Chip blasts off with big-time euphoric effects accompanied by a warm haziness that’ll leave you feeling messed up in all the right ways. Settle in and don’t stray too far from the couch as an enduring body-high completely envelops your being. Scoop a tin today before it melts away!


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