Skookum – Black Mamba (14g)


THC: 17% | CBG: 1.5%
14 grams

Aroma: Cherry, Red Wine, Cedar
Effects: Euphoric, Calming, Spacy

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Best watch your step! This exotic cross of Mint Chocolate Chip x The Cube from Exotic Genetics is a deadly force of nature. Meticulously cared for by the Humble Gemini, this living soil specimen is revered for its exceptional resin production and striking effects.

Clad in shades of willow green, offset by deep auburn pistils, Black Mamba’s conical-shaped flowers shimmer in the light, thanks to its remarkable trichome coverage. Expertly manicured, and optimally cured, these caked up, medium dense nugs roll up effortlessly.

Intriguing and complex to the nose, this rare cultivar exudes aromas of sweet grass, sour cherry, red wine, and cedar. The smoke is clean yet robust, with notes of sweetness and spice while burning to light grey ash.

Black Mamba lures you in with its hypnotic aesthetic before sinking in with an impressive bite. Deeply intoxicating, the first swell of effects wash over your brain with a calming sense of well-being before giving way to a weighty stone that may leave you glued to the couch. Don’t miss out on this GetSkookum exclusive, grab yours before someone else snakes it!


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