Skookum – Animal Face (14g)


THC: 22% | CBG: 1%
14 grams

Aroma: Fuel, Citrus, Lacquer
Effects: Euphoric, Cerebral, Hazy

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Somebody put this animal on a leash – it’s a damn menace to sobriety! The beastly descendant of Face Off OG x Animal Mints, this extraordinary cultivar is of the finest pedigree. Expertly grown in living soil by the Humble Gemini, Animal Face is notorious for its gargantuan effects and hulking potency.

Animal Face flaunts her show-worthy aesthetic with supreme confidence. Sparkling with trichomes from spire to stem and completely indifferent to your lustful gaze, she knows she’s the prettiest one in the room. Featuring vibrant shades of moss green, offset by subtle accents of plum and auburn, these frost-laden buds are legitimately sticky to the touch. Cheaply made herb grinders need not apply.

Flip the lid on a tin of this and inhale a powerful bouquet of fuel, citrus, lacquer, and sweet licorice. The flavour profile is bright and floral with syrupy undertones, slightly creamy and endlessly smooth. The truth is in the burn, folks, puff away on this banger of strain while it smoulders to clean, white ash.

Don’t let these gorgeous looks fool you, Animal Face is savage in its potency. The come-up is quick and powerful, as an initial surge of euphoria washes over you. Find yourself floating in feelings of wellbeing, while slowly down-shifting to a plush, contemplative body-melt.


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