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A hybrid between two very popular strains, Melmac and Blue Meanie, makes this strain well sought-after. Similar to Blue Meanies, the name is from the blue bruising on the dried mushrooms. Expect intense stimulation, hallucinations and spiritual encounters typically spanning 4-6 hours. The uplifting euphoria this strain causes is one you will not want to miss. Recommended for seasoned users seeking strong visuals and mind changing experience

Blue Pulaski mushrooms pack a potent punch, making them a choice best approached with caution, particularly for inexperienced users. Their effects are both intense and long-lasting, typically spanning 4-6 hours. These fungi offer a profound journey, characterized by:

  • Powerful visuals
  • Emotional depth
  • Self-exploration
  • Self-awareness

Whether dried or infused, use cautiously. Begin with low dose, set & setting matter, avoid mixing. Due to high potency, best for experienced users.

Effects: Euphoria, Intense visuals, Hallucinations, Spiritual, Creativity, Introspection


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