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Liquid Euphoria THC Tincture
Nectar is keeping it weird with our sativa kief, cold brew alcohol extract, infused with aphrodisiacs and sweetened with almond liqueur. There is NOTHING like this on the market. Alcohol tinctures extract different medicinal properties than an oil based tincture, providing its users a unique high,
unlike smoking and unlike edibles.
The near instant effects of Liquid Euphoria will have you feeling confident, sexy, and funnier than you actually are. In case that wasn’t cool enough, Liquid Euphoria is alcohol based and can be added to spike cocktails for a truly original result.
Available in two sizes:
500mg THC/30ml Bottle
250mg THC/15ml bottle Bottle or 250mg
THC/15ml bottle
Liquid Intimacy CBD
Presenting Nectar Liquid Intimacy CBD Tincture. That means it’s time to kick off your kicks, undo your bun and get ready to CTFO (chill the f*ck out).
Each 30mL bottle contains 1000mg of CBD and is infused with aphrodisiacs of Damiana and Blue Lotus.
Blue Lotus flower was used by the ancient Egyptians to induce a state of euphoria and was revered as a potent aphrodisiac.
Damiana is a natural libido booster which increases circulation and sensitivity to sex organs.
When taking Liquid Intimacy CBD and aphrodisiac infused tincture, one can expect to feel affectionate, cuddly, euphoric and mellow. It can also be used to initiate lucid dreaming or a deep, restorative sleep.




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