Lemonberry – 28g (Hybrid) HS


Sativa Dominant Hybrid 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

THC: 22%

28 Grams

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28 Grams

Lemonberry is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (60% sativa/40% indica) strain created as a cross between the rare Dabney Blue X Lemon Thai strains. Although not a common find at a dispensary, this strain is well loved for its delicious taste of lemony blueberry muffins and its high THC level of up to 22%. The aroma of Lemonberry is much like the taste, with a sweet blueberry vanilla bouquet with hints of lemony citrus. This bud has enormously oversized dark forest green nugs with olive green patches, a spattering of fiery orange hairs, and a visible layer of sweet sticky resin. The Lemonberry high is incredibly well balanced given its slight sativa dominance. Upon the onset you’ll be hit with an insanely uplifting head buzz that instantly relieves any pain or racing thoughts and leaves you with a state of bliss. This head high is incredibly creative and leaves you social with a tendency towards getting lost in fits of giggles. As the high continues, you’ll feel a relaxing body buzz that serves to anchor your cerebral high. Because of these potent even effects, Lemonberry is said to be perfect for treating chronic pain, migraines, fatigue, and muscle spasms, among other conditions.