HIGHTEA: Full Spectrum CBD Rooibos Tea


100mg of CBD per 20g (less than 5g THC) | 10 servings loose leaf tea per bag (tea bags provided)

High Tea CBD rooibos tea is the premium benchmark in edible infused beverages. The difference is significantly evident with the first sip as it comprises 95% organic ingredients and bioavailable full spectrum CBD.

Ingredients: Full spectrum CBD Rooibos, spearmint, lavender, vanilla powder

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High Tea delivers exceptional, rich-quality, organic cannabis-infused tea, a delicious blend of organic herbs, and Bioavailable CBD. These ingredients help take the edge off your day comfortingly. High tea CBD rooibos tea 100mg administers the health benefits of both the organic herbs and the activated CBD.

Rooibos tea has several health benefits that include uplifting cardiovascular health and helping reduce cancer due to it being full of antioxidants. The CBD Rooibos Tea is excellent for helping patients with diabetes and blood pressure issues. This caffeine-free tea is an ideal choice for sitting back and feeling elevated about yourself.


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