Gone Green – Medi-Bottles, Blueberry Swirls 300 MG RSO THC


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Gone Green is proud to be located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. They are a locally owned and operated medicinal provider. They specialize in all things cannabis! They are people who are passionate about quality medicinal products and it shines through in everything they do! Their commitment to Canadians is superior, yet cost-effective products. Their objective is medicating the country one Canadian at a time!

Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, is a full extract cannabis oil meant to be taken orally or applied topically. RSO is a marijuana extract made utilizing a solvent to extract cannabinoids. The most common solvent used to produce RSO is grain alcohol, but some other solvents like ethanol or butane are sometimes used. This is what brings the cannabis flavouring.

**There is a heavy weed taste to these edibles, they are not flavorless. This is a very natural, way of extracting the cannabis.**

Ingredients: RSO, Sugar, Gelatin, Adipic Acid, Sodium Citrate & Phosphate, Artificial & Natural Flavors, Color, Coconut Oil



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