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Girl Scout Cookies Moonrocks have been taking over the cannabis industry. Patients are actively asking their local dispensary if they have them in stock, or where they can find them. If you haven’t heard of them before, moonrocks are made by using a nug of a certain marijuana strain, most likely Girl Scout Cookies (but depending on the dispensary, or who’s making it, this could be a different strain), swirling hash oil on the nug, and then covering it in kief. If you’re interested in trying and making your own at home, here`s a recipe on Slyng that you can follow.This is basically the cannabis equivalent to a turducken.

I’m sure you’re interested in the backstory of moonrocks, and who decided to come up with this amazing product. Well, moonrocks are claimed to be invented by American rapper and former executive vice president of Death Row Records, Kurupt, in collaboration with Dr. Zodiak.

Working together, the duo created and branded “Kurupt’s Moonrock” using an original recipe. This recipe, allows for each individual moonrock to carry a whopping 64% THC, 0.15% CBD, and 0.02% CBN. This is remarkably high, for example a regular nug averages around 18.5% THC. As of right now, the brand can only be purchased by and through California dispensary’s and California delivery services.

you are bombarded with pictures of celebrities using the product and collaborations with other artists on varying moonrock’s. This brings up an important question – where does the cannabis industry stand, as legalization of marijuana continues, in terms of celebrity endorsement and big business? The website flaunts collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Ghostface Killah (of Wu-Tang Clan fame), Migos, and The Game.

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